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For a long time Ive been frustrated because there never has been a Connect-4 considering the difference between a threat on even and odd rows. Since Im very much interested in the technics of treesearch I finally wrote one. And look: It hasnt come out that bad.
Recently Ive found out there are a few strong programs (especially Martin Fierz' program) and good connect four sites like FarFar. But isn't it nice to have something to do...
Mustrum got it's name from the Pratchett-character Mustrum Ridcully. Everyone who is engaged in treesearch technics and even knows the books from Terry Pratchett, especially Ridcullys special behavior, should know why.
You can freely download Mustrum.

Thanks to Richard de Bruijn for the dutch translation, to Riccardo Metere and Andi aka Unas for the italian translation, to Daniel Micol for the spanish version and toSteffen Berger for the graphics.

and the features:

  • load and save positions
  • free choice of play strength via (almost) stepless controlled time of consideration
  • very fast winning search stage
  • game theoretic value
  • perfect play if the program starts the game
  • network play
  • selflearning KI
  • five diff
  • five languages
  • perfect evaluation of all positions with less than 12 pieces on the board without any delay from the built-in databases
  • starts a game with 1-9 random moves (if wished)
  • load and save games
  • does not make any registry entrys, runs without installation, for instance directly from your USB stick

Mustrum 2

Download latest version
Mustrum 2.1.2 (5.4 MByte, 7-zip)
Mustrum 2.1.2 (7.0 MByte, zip)
Mustrum 2.1.2 (5.7 MByte, setup.exe)

Download older versions (for a bit older computers)
Mustrum 2.0.7 (1,5 MByte, zip)
Mustrum 1.3.4 (0,7 MByte, zip)

Just unpack the zip or 7z into any directory and run Mustrum.exe.

After the first start the program appears with a german interface. To change that you have to click on the Menu-Item with the flags as you can see on the picture above.

Mustrum Donation

Mustrum does not cost any money. But it was a lot of work to develop Mustrum. So if you want to make a donation, I would be glad.